Title: Gravity

Writers: Alfonso Cuaron and Jonas Cuaron

Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Year: 2013

Actors: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and Ed Harris (Voice of mission control)

Story: Gravity is a 2013 film about woman, Ryan Stone, who is a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission with Matt Kowalsky, a veteran astronaut in command of his last flight. On a routine spacewalk the shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky alone in space with no chance of rescue.

Plot: The film starts out with Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalsky in outer space during a spacewalk servicing the telescope. Ryan and Kowalsky are having idle conversation with each other and Kowalsky is having a conversation with mission control and his adventures during mardi gras. As the conversation continues mission control warns the team about missile strike on a satellite and the strike form a cloud of debris. Mission control orders them to abort the mission because the debris is coming there way and is moving quickly.

The high speed debris heads towards the space shuttle and strikes it hard causing Stone to detach from the shuttle, leaving her stumbling in space. Kowalsky uses a maneuvering unit to rescue Stone and as they return to the shuttle they discover that it is severely damaged and the crew is dead. They use the maneuvering unit to reach the space station and Kowalsky states that they only have 90 minutes before the debris completes an orbit and hits them again. As they approach the space station they noticed that the crew has evacuated in one of the two spacecrafts and the other one parachute deployed and has left the capsule useless. Soon to be out of air and maneuvering power they both try to grab the space station but Stone’s leg gets tangled and she grabs a strap on Kowalsky’s suit and the only way to keep Stone from drifting away with him is to detach himself. As he detaches himself he floats away into space while still communicating with her.

Stone enters the space space shuttle and tries establish communication with Kowalsky but does not get an answer. A fire breaks out and Stone rushes to the other space capsule but it is tangled so she spacewalks to release the cables just in time right before the debris destroys the space station. Stone aligns the capsule to a chinese space station she discovers that it has no fuel. Stone is in a place where she has given up and turns off the oxygen in the capsule to commit suicide, but as she began to lose consciousness Kowalsky appears in her conscious and tell her not to give up and what to do to get her to the chinese space station. She restores the oxygen and uses the landing jets to go towards the chinese space station.

Unable to maneuver the capsule, Stone ejects herself and uses a fire extinguisher as a thruster to travel the final way to the chinese space station. Stone enters the capsule and radios the she is heading back to earth. After re-entering the atmosphere Stone hears mission control but due to the high heat shield a fire starts inside the capsule. After entering through the atmosphere the capsule lands in a lake and Stone evacuates the craft immediately. Stone takes off her space suit and swims to the shore and takes her steps back on land.

The film was told in chronological order, the film was told from beginning to the end, real time order. It helped make the plot of the film become more life like and more intense. The chronological order helped build the character Stone up more as the film went on and made her more courageous. If the film followed a non linearly order then the film would absolutely not make any sense and it would have not been entertaining as it was.


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